Monday, 25 March 2019

GSD Chem supplies high quality lubricants for maintaining equipment in industries such as food processing and power generation. Specific products include:

  • FILUBE SYN CS 2: a multi-purpose premium NSF registered H1 (incidental food contact) grease
  • FILUBE SYN Series: a series of fully-synthetic NSF registered food grade (H1) fluid, blended from premium polyalphaolefin (PAO) base oils and additives for lubrication of food processing equipment 
  • WO SV Series: Food grade (H3) white mineral oils for protecting food processing equipment; often used for coating and release applications
  • GSD 352: a fully synthetic multi-purpose grease formulated for use in a variety of  industrial applications 
  • AND 757: a synthetic lithium thickened grease for switchgear applications


Contact us at 610-876-9906 / 800-670-7767 and one of our product specialists will be happy to determine what product best meets your requirements.



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