Thursday, 21 February 2019

BRITES-AL Aluminum Brightener

BRITES-AL is an advanced formula, moderately acidic transportation industry aluminum and stainless trailer and tanker brightener.
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BRITES-AL aluminum and stainless steel deoxidizing and brightening compound removes metal oxides and stains as fast and effectively as products containing hydrofluoric acid without the extreme hazard inherent in those products. This is achieved through a balanced, partially neutralized system of mineral acids, acid salts, polymers, and synergistic chelates and oxidizing agents. The product is only slightly acidic, and does not cause irreparable damage to concrete surfaces as do highly active mineral acids normally found in acid brighteners. Because it's pH is only moderately acidic (3.8 to 4.2 (like that of a tomato) when compared to traditional hydrofluoric acid brighteners which have a pH of less than 2 (like that of battery acid), BRITES-AL is much less hazardous for personnel.

BRITES-AL is uniform in application because it is slightly more viscous than traditional acid brighteners and does not cause streaking. Another enhancement over traditional brighteners is that it attacks and destroys much less base metal. BRITES-AL etches the surface of aluminum trailer rails and tanker bodies, removing oxides and providing the familiar "white" bright surface the way hydrofluoric brighteners have always done. However, it accomplishes this more by dissolving the surface oxides, penetrating the pores and oxidizing the embedded soils that cause darkening and staining rather than destroying layer after layer of base metal. BRITES-AL is also effective in removing rust stains from painted surfaces without attacking sound paint.


BRITES-AL is applied full strength or diluted to a ratio of 4 parts water to 1 part chemical to previously cleaned aluminum or stainless truck trailers or tanker bodies. Product can be applied at ambient temperatures; warm solutions being always preferable to cold ones.

Application methods normally include diluting in plastic hand-held pump sprayer with hot water and applying to metal surfaces. Product will quickly develop a slight white foam. As soon as this is evident, product can be rinsed away with pressure washer or garden hose. For tanker bodies, a long handled brush pushing the product up the sides facilitates thorough, non-streaked dry-down.

55 gallon poly drum - Net Weight: 530 lb
275 gallon totes - Net Weight: 2,680 lb


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