Thursday, 21 February 2019

Defoamsit 2 Defoamer

DE-FOAMSIT 2 is a liquid, food grade, antifoam emulsion of 10% active silicone. Stable over a wide pH range; useful as a defoaming agent in food processing, egg and produce washing, cosmetic, textile and dye applications. USDA authorized.
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DE-FOAMSIT 2 is 10% silicone antifoam emulsion. This product may be used as a water-dispersible antifoam in hot or cold aqueous solutions in various food processing industries including dairy, beverage, meat and poultry, edible oil, sea foods and produce. It is also specifically used as a defoaming agent in egg washing operations, fat rendering, hog scald baths and edible product transfer flumes and waste water lagoons. In the cosmetic industry, DE-FOAMSIT 2 may be used as a processing aid, eliminating entrained air and unwanted foam in the manufacture of cosmetic formulations. 

In addition to the uses detailed above, DE-FOAMSIT 2 is also used to suppress foam in typical high foam applications such as water treatment systems, heavy duty detergents and alkaline cleaners, and in textile washing, scouring, and desizing applications. DE-FOAMSIT 2 exhibits excellent emulsion stability, nonflammability, low surface energy and is easily dilutable in aqueous systems over a wide pH range.


DE-FOAMSIT 2 antifoam emulsion may be added to alkaline cleaner solutions at the dilution rate sufficient to accomplish the degree of defoaming required. Normally, the rate of application is 1/4 - 1% of the total cleaning solution volume. It may be applied at the same temperatures as the base cleaner solution. For the best economy of use, apply DE-FOAMSIT 2 via chemical injection pump or by venturi type injectors. Manual applications are not always cost effective methods of antifoam introduction.


55 gallon poly drum Net Wt: 462 lb.
5 gallon poly pail Net Wt: 42 lb.


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