Thursday, 21 February 2019

Road Warrior Truck Cleaner

ROAD WARRIOR is a premier quality alkaline truck and trailer cleaning compound capable of removing road film without long handle brushing, saving many minutes per vehicle.
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ROAD WARRIOR is a premier quality alkaline truck and trailer cleaning compound capable of removing road film without long handle brushing, saving many minutes per vehicle. When washing fleet vehicles, this attribute saves the user many labor dollars while increasing productivity. Many vehicle exterior maintenance products are capable of surface cleaning, but they require some "elbow grease" to actually remove magnetic road film so that it may be rinsed away. ROAD WARRIOR is formulated to eliminate that extra step as it breaks the electrochemical bond that holds road film to vehicle surfaces and allows free rinsing with just your pressure washer alone. Pressure washers capable of producing as little as 1200 psi at 3 gpm are sufficient when adequate dilution ratios are employed.

Designed to be used with either hot, warm, or cold water, ROAD WARRIOR is extremely effective when used at dilution ratios of 30-50:1. For light duty applications, or when brushing is desired, dilution ratios of as little as 200:1 have been successful. Besides road film, it is capable of removing soot, smoke tracks, splatted bugs, light grease and oil. ROAD WARRIOR may be used alone, or as the second or Part B cleaner of a "Two Step" system. Pretreating deep set, aged soils with a full strength solution via a hand pump sprayer produces amazing results. ROAD WARRIOR
will not dull paint when used as recommended (see reverse for methods of application).

Apply ROAD WARRIOR via pressure washer, automatic vehicle wash system, or manually with bucket and brush.  Pressure washer or automatic system: Use standard dilution ratios of 30-50:1 for cold application. Higherdilutions to 200:1 may be achieved proportionately with combinations of hot water application and increased pressure. Pressure washer should be capable of producing a minimum of 1200 psi with a flow rate minimum of 3 gpm. Apply product under low pressure using pressure washer on "Chemical" setting if available. If not, apply via a separate low pressure sprayer and allow to remain in contact with vehicle for 1 - 5 minutes. Then, use high pressure rinse to remove and clean vehicle.

Manual Application: Although the product is designed to remove road film without brushing, manual application is also effective and efficient because of the reduced effort required to remove soils. Dilutions of 30-40:1 with warm water are recommended, but may be extended successfully in many cases to 100 - 200:1!

Net Volume / Net Wt: 
Poly pail 5 gallons 46 lb
Poly drum 55 gallons 510 lb
IBC Tote 330 gallons 3060 lb



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