Monday, 19 August 2019


The Highest Levels of Service and Satisfaction

GSD Chem, Inc. is a Pennsylvania-based specialty chemical company dedicated to the core values of speed, intelligence and commitment.  For more than three decades, our quality products have been delivering premium performance to both commercial and personal consumers in:

  • Food Manufacturing, Preparation & Distribution
  • Transportation
  • Industrial Manufacturing
  • Metalworking
  • Surface Cleaning / Protection

From our time-tested original formulations to our latest improvements and custom solvents, all of our products are backed by the highest levels of service and satisfaction.  Whether you are using GSD Chem products to clean home and commercial kitchens, brighten personal or corporate vehicles, treat and finish metal, or clean and protect carpet, upholstery and fabrics, you can rest assured that our products will deliver as designed and specified by our team of knowledgeable specialists.


Industrial Strength Lubrication and Cleaning Specialties

GSD Chem specializes in food-contact-approved lubricants and USDA and Kosher-approved cleaning formulations for food manufacturing and restaurant equipment.  We also offer high-performance degreasers and cleaners for a wide variety of applications.

In addition to our food and restaurant lubricants and cleaning products, we develop and market a complete line of truck and transport cleaning products and metalworking and finishing formulations.


Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Products for Home Use

We carry a full suite of environmentally friendly cleaning products for home (and industrial) use.  This includes:

  • Home Cleaning and Degreasing in kitchens, baths, automobiles and more
  • Carpet / Upholstery Cleaning
  • Fabric Protection
  • Pet Odor Removal

All of our products are designed to meet specific customer requirements.  To place an order or for technical assistance with product selection and/or use, call 610-876-9906 / 800-670-7767 and one of our knowledgeable product specialists will happily serve you.